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Enriching your Catholic faith is what we do

Your faith is deeply personal.  An increase in faith comes from prayer, and God's grace.  We can not give you a deeper faith, but we hope that our items will be that spark that will remind you to pray, or get you excited about digging into your faith.

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A little about The Little Catholic Box mission…

Our mission is to be a catalyst for an increase in faith of our box recipients.  We promote conscious consumerism, this idea that we know where our products come from and who makes them.  We want to make sure that the Sisters and Brothers that make products get paid well so that they can put that money back into their communities.  We also want to make sure our small business artisans are getting a fair price for their creativity and effort.

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How it all started

This whole idea started in 2011 after our lives took a huge turn when our daughter, Madelyn, passed away.  Our Parish and it's priests, who we barely knew, rushed to us with open arms.  Our faith went from lukewarm to on fire.  What was one of the worst moments of our life was the most transformative and brought us back to the Church.

In the beginning...

Several years ago, Jim and I were discussing the possibility of doing a Christian themed subscription box.  We kicked around the idea, but the website we wanted was already taken, and there were no good platforms yet for creating such a thing.  We let the idea pass and saw someone else bring it to fruition.

In October of 2015, the thought came back to us and we spent our anniversary, figuring out how to make this subscription box work.  We changed the view of the box to be specific to the Catholic Church.  We have the good fortune of having Dominican sisters at our parish, and we know about them, but what about the greater church community.  As we dug deeper, we realized how many different religious orders there were and how many awesome things they craft and create.  Additionally, there are artists our there who make some beautiful goods.  We wanted to be part of their experience as well.

Where we are today...

Today we are working hard to make your box special.  There's a lot of time spent trying to find the right mix of products for each box.  We also spend a lot of time putting these boxes together.  That is done at our dining room table and for a full week our house is a wreck, but we love it.

We love that as more people are finding out about us and our mission (thanks to you of course), we are hearing about different products that we know you'll love.

Today we are still looking to grow, and be a part of a larger Catholic community that moves us all closer to Christ, and the Church.

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